80% Lower Build School
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80% Lower Receiver Build School

Are you aware that you can build your own AR-15? It's perfectly legal to manufacture your own gun as long as you never sell it without ATF approval. 

Many people are afraid of a project like this because they lack the proper tools and experience. We're here to fix that problem. Keep reading to see how it works.

LCT Products is a machine shop. We have all the tools needed to complete your AR build. We'll supply everything you need, including a competent instructor to handle all your questions while you work. 
We will supply you with a forged "80%" lower receiver. This is simply an aluminum lower with 80% of the work already completed. The hard stuff is already done for you. 
We will supply you with the fixtures needed to insure you machine exactly where you are supposed to. 
We will supply you with the cutters and drill bits needed too. This alone can save you a considerable amount of money. 

You will set up an appointment to work on your project. At the chosen time, you'll come to our location in Lawson, MO (Just north of Kansas City). We'll supply you with safety glasses and an instructor will introduce you to a Bridgeport milling machine where you will machine your lower. It's really that easy. When you are finished, you have a completed firearm according to the ATF. 

1st AR-15 $225.00
Subsequent AR-15's (same day) $165.00
1st  AR-10   $375.00 
Subsequent AR-10's (same day) $315.00 

Add $10.00 each for anodized
Add $30.00 each for after hours appointments. 
All prices are plus Missouri sales tax.

Normal business hours: 7:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday to Thursday
(816) 580-3149

How long will it take for me to machine my AR lower receiver.

That really depends on you. If you're new to machining, it will probably take about two hours. If you're an expert, you can probably do it in 30 minutes.

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Do you have CNC machines available?

Yes, we do have CNC machines. However, the ATF has determined that they cannot be used to complete an 80% lower unless you do the set up and programing too. We will not be allowing customers to do that.

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Can I leave my lower with you to be assembled at a later date.

No. Once you have started machining the lower, it is no longer considered an 80% receiver. It is now considered a fire arm. It must at that point stay in your possession.

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Can I bring my children?

No. This is a working machine shop. No one under the age of 18 is allowed.

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Can I bring my friends?

I'm sorry, but there simply isn't room for spectators, and we need you to concentrate on what you're doing. However, we do have enough equipment for two people to work on lowers at the same time. Your friend can schedule a build at the same time as you.

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What are the legal requirements to build my own lower?

You must be old enough to own a rifle (18) if you are building a lower for a rifle. You must be old enough to own a pistol (21) to build a lower for a pistol. You must be legally allowed to own a fire arm in Missouri. Which of course means you cannot be a felon.

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How do you know you aren't allowing criminals to build weapons?

We require each builder to have a valid CCW from any state. Or, be a current LEO, or be willing to submit to a criminal background check at your cost.

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What should I wear?

You may not where shorts or open shoes. The chips coming from the machine will be hot and sharp, so keep your skin covered. You should also leave your jewlery at home and tie up any long beards or hair.

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What if I mess it up?

It's really not as hard as you think. If you pay attention to what you're doing, you shouldn't make a mistake that will cause your lower to not function. However, if you do mess up your lower, we can sell you another one at a reduced rate. The damaged lower must go home with you (it's still a gun) or be destroyed. If the mistake is fixable, we can help you figure out what to do, but we CANNOT help you fix it.

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Can you add my favorite logo to the lower?

NO. Logos are trademarked by the manufacturer. When you finish the lower, you, by law, are the manufacturer. It is illegal to steal another manufacturer's logo. You can however add original pictures or text to your gun.

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What parts are included?

We only supply the 80% lower, and the tooling required to finish it. All other parts to finish your gun (including lower build kits) must be supplied by you. We do keep a few parts around for your convenience, and can order special items if you let us know what you want in advance.

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Can I bring my own lower?

Yes. You can bring a lower from any manufacturer that you like. However, it is possible that some lowers will not fit our fixtures properly. If your's doesn't fit, you won't be able to complete the project without considerable added work. If you bring your own lower or fixture, we charge a straight shop rate of $70.00 per hour to supply you with a machine, cutters, drill bits, and expert coaching.

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How will the government know that I have a rifle?

They won't. There will not be a paper trail that leads to your gun. I will keep a photocopy of your CCW, or other ID on an encrypted flash drive so I can prove that I am not the manufacturer. Under today's laws, there is no requirement that your gun be registered, or that you, the manufacturer have paper work filed with the government. If these laws change, it will be your responsibility, as the manufacturer to follow the law. LCT Products will not keep a record of what you build here.

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Can I make my gun fully automatic?

No. The only guns that can legally be built are guns that are legal for you to own. It is NOT legal to own a fully automatic gun built after 1986 unless you are the government. Don't even think about it. If you try and do that here, I WILL turn you into the authorities.

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Can I make an AR pistol?

Yes. If you are old enough to own a pistol, you can make an AR pistol. The barrel of your pistol cannot be longer than 12 inches, and it cannot have a shoulder stock. If you build a rifle, it can NEVER legally be converted to a pistol by changing parts. A rifle CANNOT have a barrel shorter than 16 inches.

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Do you offer an 80% AK school?

At this time, we do not. However, if there is enough interest, we will add it. Drop me a line and let me know if you want to see it added.

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Will you teach me to make my gun quieter?

NO. It is not legal to suppress the sound of a gun without the proper tax stamp. Please don't ask me to break the law.

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Can I build an AR if I live in another state?

Yes. You can come to Missouri and build your AR if you are a US citizen that can legally own a gun. However, it may be illegal to take it out of Missouri, or into your home state. We cannot store your gun for you.

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What finish can I put on my gun?

Anything you want. It's your gun. Many people have them anodized, or painted. Some have them hydro-dipped. Build it like you want it. You can choose to have your gun anodized black before you start machining, or you can get a plain lower, and anodize it at a later date.

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Do I have to put a serial number on my lower?

No, you don't HAVE to put a serial number on your lower. However, many people recommend it. That way, if it ever gets lost or stolen, it is easier to identify. Some insurance companies may not insure a gun without a serial number, and some police officers may be confused about the law (although most do understand it). Your serial number can be any form you want, and placed any where on your lower receiver that you want.

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What if I can't be there for my appointment?

At this time, there is no penalty for canceling an appointment ahead of time. However, if you don't show up, and you haven't canceled, I'm not gonna be happy. If this is abused, we will have to start charging a nonrefundable security deposit. Please don't be the guy that makes us do that.

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What if I break the machine?

A bridgeport is a 3000 pound piece of machinery that is designed to do exactly this kind of work. The odds of it breaking are pretty small. If the machine does break, and you're not abusing it, we'll take care of getting it fixed. If you are abusing it, you'll be asked to leave long before it gets broken. :) You'll also be using cutters that sometimes do break. If you break one, under normal use, we'll cover the cost. If you break more than one, we may ask you to pay for it (this has never happened so far).

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How do I schedule an appointment?

Give us a call! (816) 580-3149 Regular hours are Monday-Thursday 7:00-5:00 Or, drop us an email: Davelyon -at- lctproducts.com

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How can I pay?

We accept personal checks with proper ID, credit cards, cash, bitcoins, silver, gold, or nearly anything else of value.

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Where are you located?

We are in a little town just north of Kansas City, Mo called Lawson. The street address is 707 N. Raum. Please make sure you call to set up an appointment first. We have limited equipment and may not be able to accommodate walk ins. (816) 580-3149

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Why should I use your service instead of a drill press and dremel?

The short answer is quality, time and price. You can buy a forged lower for around $100. You can get the fixtures for around $100. You can buy the cutters and drill bits for around $25.00. Assuming you have a drill press, you've spent the same amount of money, and you don't have anybody to keep on eye on you to make sure you machine it properly. Does your drill press have a cross slide? If not, you're gonna have to machine the spots that the drill bits left behind with a dremel tool. Have you seen the kind of finish those leave? What if you slip? Are you prepared to buy a new lower? How will you make the bottom of the trigger pocket flat? Do you want your project to look like it was completed with a hammer and chisel? If you do happen to have a cross slide on your drill press, you will have to chuck your end mills into a drill chuck to do the work. They simply aren't designed to take the side forces that an end mill creates. You may ruin your drill chuck and your cutters, and you will definitely get a poor finish.

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